Friday, September 10, 2010

Lihiya attends fashion week

It's September!!! and that means new month and new updates on Lihiya., This past month (August) Lihiya attended several Fashion events such as Taipei Fashion week and Designer's week in Taipei, which featured top desginers such as Micheal Klien, Issey Miyaki, Twinkle, Hong Kong In Style & Taiwan Designers. Lihiya also attended seminars on global fashion trends, (offered By WSGN) ,global marketing trends(Log
isFashion) and Issey Miyaki & Co.
All these events have been spetacular and have opened doors of experience for Lihiya to develop marketing networks for our Fashion line,Jewelery, Handicrafts and Art created by women In Swaziland.
We were so thrilled that 7 students from a prominent University in Taiwan had a lot of interest not only in African culture but in the culture of the Swazi people.
Inspired by their interest, these lovely students and global trotting fashionistas were on a mission to not only study the royalty of African culture, but to also get a glimpse of our collection made from Swazi traditional frabic. Which they showcased at the traditional reed dance In the kingdom of swaziland.
This new fashion collection presented The rich bright Swazi traditional colors which compliment all skin complexions, personalities and lifestyles. They give a bold yet subtle not in your face coutoure look that fits well with your everyday YOU!!!.

I personally cannot wait to see their documentary film about their experience in the Kingdom of Swaziland and the positive reaction they recieved from the warm faces of African royalty.

Our Featured Swazi Designers of the Month Is Tinstaba crafts.
A medium sized handicraft & weaving company which empowers Local women In the Kingdom Of Swaziland to design and market their crafts in domestic and foreign markets. Check out the Link below
You're loved Lihiya.
we'll post our Fashion week experience in detail Soonest!!!

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