Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diplomats In Lihiya Style at American Chamber of Commerce Ball

Her Excellency Ms. Grace(on the right) having a great time on the dance floor in style, while wearing a Lihiya Champian Colored evening dress accentuated with traditional Swazi fabric from shoulder to waist. The combinaiton of both fabrics makes this dress a great closet asset for day & evening unique & also comfortable dress.
Her Excellency Mayumi & her Husband His Excellency Tony are both wearing formal Lihya tradtional wear altered to mordern evening wear. Perfect for women daring to wear bold unique evening gowns.
More Of Lihiya Style
Great Beautiful bold colored gown, a definite attention grabber(Good Attention)
See you Next time with more Lihiya Designs.
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Rejoice in your beauty.

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