Thursday, August 5, 2010

Africans Embrace Lihiya

With an audience of young trendy international students, Lihiya held its 4th Fashion Show. The show was a beautiful success, mostly because we did not expect such positive feedback. It was an encouraging opportunity for us for to expand our market not only within Asia, but to other African countries such a Gambia, Sao Tome, Nigeria, Bukina Faso, and Malawi.

Our audience was truly captivated by the Lihiya designs,jewelry, arts and crafts. The best part of the Lihiya Fashion show was seeing our beautiful runway models enjoy modeling the Lihiya collection while their friends cheered them on. All in all the show was a beautiful success. I will post a link with the pictures soon(Really I mean it!!!)

Two days after the fashion show I got on a plane heading straight to the Land of The 2010 world cup fever.!!! During this time I came up with new designs for bags, which were beautifully manufactured by a small group of women. So hopefully you'll all get to see them on our next FASHION SHOW which we'll keep you posted.

Please click the Link below for out featured interest of the month.
This months interest is a Small Swazi Jewelry company that uses recyled magazines to create jewelery. Not only is it ECO-Friendly, it's really hot.
Check it out

Upcoming Events!!!
1. still keep a look out for our website/online store
2. We'll Keep you posted on Fashion & trade Seminars that Lihiya will be attending
3.We'll also update you on confirmed Fashion Shows.
Thank you So much for checking in us.
Rejoice in your beauty

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