Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're still around & will be for a really long time

Dear Friends
Thank you so much for your support. It has been forever since we've updated our last entry, and we trully apologise. We've just had some serious time constraints. Its amazing, in Asia there's no such thing as African time. As I'm writing to you I have exactly 10mins to finish updating you on our Lihiya Brand.
As Some of you may know We've experienced the joy of having a wonderful fashion show held on may 14 at the American club. Through this fashion Show we raised funds for Hand Up Congo , a NGO organization seeking to empower women in the Republic of Congo. We also got great reviews on our summer and Spring collection of Garments made from Swazi African Fabric. Through this Fashion show the world got to experience the Royalty of Africa. I've posted a link of pictures from the fashion show please feel free to check them out and let us know what you think!!!! These picture were taken by our lovely Friend Winnie Shih, so if you have a wedding, engagement, birthday or fashion photo shoot please contact winnie. on This Link

Please Check out our upcoming events and News on our semi-updated blog.
Oh Did I mention that we were on the Swazi national News Paper twice!!! so exciting for us. Jesus did his first miracle at home !!!! :) were trully excited that we can get recognition from the Motherland. Please google the Swazi Observer for Articles in May and the Swazi Times for Articled in June.
ok upcoming events.
1. Were working on our website please check our our blog for updates on our webpage
2. Saturday Lihiya Will have a Fashion Show and display at the National Taipei University of Technology. Tickets are 200NTD this is a great event that has been organized by the University to encourage African culture awareness in Africa.

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