Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello Dear Friends
This has been an awesome summer so far. This past week we spent a week at Ping Tung, Southern part of Taiwan. We were part of a team of designers, developing culture creative innovative products for the Hakka people of Leo Dui Village. The Hakka are a special indigenous group with descendants in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zeal and many more countries. Anyway the judges loved our branding and design international concept of the Hakka inspired products. Check out our Journey below!!! Kisses and Rejoice in your Beauty.

Hakka Chic Collection
Hakka Chic Collection
Cloud Shawl our cultural design concept
The Butterfly the Lord used to remind me of His promisses
Door at Hakka Relic Museum
Furniture Display at Hakka Museam
Hakka Chic Collection Team
Hakka Chic logo
Hakka Chic jersey shawl dress
Entrance (Beautiful)
View from the top
Morning View from my room(Gorgeous)
Beautiful Flowers
NEXT Series (exciting)

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