Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cozy Chic Fall/Winter Collection

Hey Friends Check out some pieces from our  Cozy Chic Collection.
 There's whole lot more available not only on our blog, but also come and check us out at April's goodies on Roosevelt Rd. Lane 85 No.17 Taipei City Mrt CKS memorial station exit 3.
Keep a look out for us this Spring at the Taipei Community Centre Bazaar March 8th at the Regent Formosa Hotel. We would love for you to come and visit our booth.
Kisses and Rejoice in your beauty.

Dwashi Fleece Shield Top and Dwashi Leggings.
Dwashi Polo Neck long sleeve Rayon dress with Dwashi Leggings
Tibetan Apron Chiffon Dress with Dwashi Leggings
LIHIYA Logo Men's T with Tibetan shield Leggings.

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