Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yeah Check out This year's 2011 summer collection, were so thrilled to share it with you. Will let you know where you can purchase this Collection at the End of June. But if you want a piece of Lihiya with you while you wait, you can check out our Earrings at Best Buy Chung Chan North Rd Section 6 next to Issabelle Wen Boutique. A percentage of the profits help support Small Business Entreprenuers in the Kingdom of Swaziland.
We personally just adore this Collection as it is more versatile and give you a feel of Royal Africa without overwhelming your own personal style. We'll keep you updated on more of LIHIYA. Rejoice in your Beauty.

By the way we would love for you to post your comments.

Dwashi Caramal pant suit

Dwashi Mud Floral Dress
Lihiya flare Dress

Dwashi Floral Beach Sunday Skirt

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