Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear Friends Happy New Year!!!

It's been a whole month since we've updated our blog with New updates and New Items. We hope that you all enjoyed purchasing our Items at Best Buy in Taipei Tienmu, for all your Christmas Gifts for your beautiful and lovely loved ones.

By the Way we still have Jewelery from our LIHIYA Collection available for you at Best Buy to enjoy, whether you're giving a gift, or you're shopping something cute for a night out with friends Lihiya Jewellery collection is definitly for you!!!


LIHIYA debuted its first mini Bridal Collection. Below we've uploaded some photos from an amazing photographer James Chou. I personally had so much fun with this dress, because this was a special opportunity to create something beautiful and timeless for a beautiful bride Miki Bennet and her Maid of Honor Sarah Mabee.

I've named this Collection after my beloved Grandmother affectionatly known as "SUKU" which means nightingale all because of all the singing I did while creating these beautiful dresses. Both dresses had a PEARL theme just because I'm crazy about pearls. Here are the Photos Enjoy

You're loved and Rejoice in your Beauty. Happy 2011.

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