Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lihiya Initiative

Lihiya is an initiative to help women from the Kingdom of Swaziland and other parts of Africa generate income through the purchasing of their handmade jewelery, arts, crafts, apparel, garments, home deco accessories, furniture, cosmetics and other accessories. Our objective is not to only create awareness of Swazi African art , but it is to also give a platform for these women to access the global market. We also seek to encourage grass root investment opportunities for individuals that want to eradicate poverty in African countries, through supporting this cause, and purchasing items made by these women in effort to support their families.
The word LIHIYA is a siswati word for COVERING. Our hope is that we would serve as a covering for women that are devoted to get out of poverty and continue to present a platform that will speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.
So please join with us in this effort by viewing out blog with details of fashion show events, displays and exhibits. Please also feel free to view pictures and be updated on our whereabouts. We would love for you to leave comments when ever you can.

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